Aluminum Railings & Aluminum Deck Railings

Northern Aluminum Railings carries aluminum railings and aluminum deck railings to perfectly complement the style of your home. Ideal for a raised front porch, backyard deck or cottage deck, an aluminum deck railing system adds a contemporary flourish while lasting longer and offering greater stability and security than wood or composite products.

Our aluminum railings are available in 34 distinctive styles and 7 custom colours, offering exceptional choice and versatility to ideally match your home or cottage’s design personality.

Aluminum Railings Always Win

Hands down, an aluminum deck railing system is always an incredible addition to your property. Renovating an outdoor living space always adds up to an exceptional return on investment, both financially and for all the additional lifestyle advantages you’re able to enjoy. Keep in mind, adding functional space to your home, even outside, offers the potential to increase the way you utilize space throughout your entire home or cottage. Aluminum deck railings offer many clear advantages over wood or composite products. A miracle alloy, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, lightweight yet exceptionally durable, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. While wood and composites react poorly to Canada’s dramatic shifts in weather by cracking, rotting, warping or breaking, aluminum stands true north strong throughout our four seasons. Aluminum railings are also virtually maintenance-free; you don’t need to invest time in sanding, staining and sealing, and our top-quality aluminum railings are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the aluminum deck railing colour you select maintains its colour and appearance for a lifetime.

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