Barrie Stairs and Railings

Northern Aluminum Railings has been Simcoe County’s first choice for aluminum railing installers and glass railing installers since 1983. Whether you’re a homeowner, cottage owner or boat house owner, our expert aluminum railing installation and glass railing installation projects have proudly stood the test of time.

Your Choice for Railings Barrie

With all our railing systems designed and manufactured in-house right here in Canada, no one understands our design and installation specifications like your dedicated Northern Aluminum installation team. Just like the country we proudly live in, the structural integrity of our railing installations are true north strong to withstand the best and worst weather conditions that Canada throws our way. Plus, every Northern Aluminum Railing installation comes backed with our industry-leading guarantee.

You Are The Blueprint

As a custom barrie stairs and railings manufacturer, every aluminum and glass deck railing system we produce is unique to your cottage or home. That means our custom railings are precision-developed to your deck’s exact measurements and your personal design tastes. Even unusual angles, dimensions and nooks are factored into our designs, ensuring your railing system is installed for maximum safety and security while blending in harmoniously with your home’s overall exterior aesthetics.

As a full-service railings barrie supplier, every Northern Aluminum Railings order starts with an initial consultation. Your design consultant will visit with you to evaluate your needs and preferences, and aid you in the selection of your custom aluminum railing design. Your consultant’s deep experience in glass and aluminum railings will ensure all your design needs will be met and you will be completely satisfied.

At the time of installation, our barrie stairs and railings installers will prepare the site, and remove and dispose of any pre-existing railings if necessary. After the installation is complete, we will thoroughly clean all work areas and invite you to inspect our installation to ensure you are completely satisfied with the quality of our work.

Northern Aluminum Railings in Barrie is a leading provider of high-quality, durable railings barrie solutions provider. Our team of expert installers is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients. Our focus is on providing quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our clients. In this article, we will focus on our services related to the installation of Barrie stairs and railings.

Barrie Stairs and Railings Experts

Stairs and railings play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and accessibility of any building. Whether you are looking to install new stairs and railings in your home or commercial space, Northern Aluminum Railings is here to help. Our team of experienced installers is well-versed in the installation of a wide range of stairs and railings.

We understand that every building is unique, and that is why we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our installers will work closely with you to ensure that the stairs and railings we install are a perfect fit for your building.

Custom Railings for Unique Spaces in Barrie
We understand that each property in Barrie is unique. That’s why we offer personalized railing services. Our team works diligently with you, ensuring that every railing installation aligns perfectly with your vision and architectural needs. Choose from an array of styles and finishes to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Expertise in Installation and Maintenance
At Northern Aluminum Railings, installation is an art. Our skilled professionals are adept at ensuring a flawless setup, with attention to every detail. Post-installation, we stand by our Barrie clients with tips and assistance to keep your railings looking new for years.

Railings Barrie: Where Tough Meets Trendy
Hey, let’s talk about our railings barrie! They’re way more than just a safety thing – they’re like a fashion statement for your place, but super sturdy. Built to take on all that crazy Canadian weather, these beauties are in it for the long haul and won’t give you a headache with constant care. Whether you’re sprucing up your sweet home or jazzing up your business spot, our railings are all about blending practicality with a splash of class.

Common FAQs

What services does Northern Aluminum Railings offer?

Northern Aluminum Railings specializes in the installation of aluminum and glass railings for various settings including homes, cottages, and boathouses. Their services are tailored to meet the needs of residents in Simcoe County and beyond.

What makes Northern Aluminum Railings unique in their service?

Northern Aluminum Railings is renowned for its in-house design and manufacturing process, which takes place in Canada. This ensures that every railing system is crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability, particularly suited to withstand Canadian weather conditions.

Do Northern Aluminum Railings provide installations for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, Northern Aluminum Railings offers services for a variety of properties, including residential homes, cottages, and boathouses, ensuring each installation aligns with the specific requirements of the property.

What types of railings does Northern Aluminum Railings install?

We specialize in aluminum railing and glass railing installations, providing a range of options to cater to different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Are the railing systems customizable?

Yes, Northern Aluminum Railings offers customizable railing solutions, allowing clients to choose designs that best fit their property’s style and their personal preferences.

How does Northern Aluminum Railings ensure the quality of their installations?

The company adheres to strict design and installation specifications, with a dedicated team that understands the nuances of their products. This ensures each installation is executed with precision and quality.

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