Glass Railings & Glass Deck Railings

Glass railings are the true essence of modern architectural design. Stylish and functional, an outdoor glass railing system complete with glass deck railings and deck glass panels offers an unobstructed view of your surrounding environment while satisfying your safety needs.

Northern Aluminum Railings offers glass railings in a variety of styles to satisfy your design aspirations. Choose from simple and modern clear glass designs, or models with elegant design flourishes that let your personality shine.

The Best Way To Enjoy Your View

Glass railings are the perfect way to open your horizons on what you see and how you savour the world beyond your back door. Full panes of clear, weather-proof tempered glass set into eye-pleasing aluminum frames can give you a breathtaking panoramic view from your deck or porch. Glass deck railings also provide a sleek architectural profile and typically enhance the resale value of your home or cottage. Simply kick back in your relaxing and comfortable Muskoka chair with a warm cup of coffee and enjoy all your sightlines without having to sit up straight or crane your neck to see what’s on the other side of your deck.

An outdoor glass railing system also functions as an effective windbreaker, for a more harmonious and comfortable outdoor environment while adding an extra measure of safety. Rest assured, one size does not fit all. At Northern Aluminum Railings, we manufacture your deck glass panels and aluminum frames to your deck’s unique configurations and specifications, for a seamless look, unmatched strength and a flawless installation.

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